The Essential Equipment for Utility Locating


The RD8100 is a cable locator by Radiodetection allows you to accurately locate and follow the path of underground utilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar

The Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR for short, allows us to locate utilities using radar technology.

RD312 Metal Detector

The RD312 by Radiodetectionallows us to located lost, buried or hidden metal manhole covers and access points.

FlexiTrace Sonde

The FlexiTrace Sonde is threaded through undergound pipes so that we can track the depth and position of underground utilities.

How To: Utility Locating

Ever wondered how to locate utilites onsite? Here’s a quick overview of our process!

Step 1 – Visual Locating

Check Dial Before You Dig plans, mark-out extent of scope and do visual inspection.

Step 2 – Cables Before Pipes

Locate most conductive materials first such as electrical and communication CABLES, then locate PIPES such as water, gas, fire protection services, oil pipeline, stormwater, and sewer. 

Step 3 – Sanity Check

For each service line tracing, check if Peak & Null matches then do a quick depth check, then trace to another surface feature or known point.  

Step 4 – Time to Show Your Marking Skills

Once confirmed, mark out services according to Australian Standard – AS5488 attributes and appropriate line marking color.