Subsurface Utilities.

We provide our exceptional locating services throughout New South Wales.

Our Services

FJA Locating provides utility, pipe and cable locating, utility surveys and mapping, non-destructive excavations, ground penetrating radar, 3D modelling and visualisation using cutting-edge technology for the civil, design, utilities, mining and infrastructure sectors.

Why Work With Us

At FJA we give our clients the confidence to plan, design and manage their projects by giving them a clear understanding of underground utilities before manual excavation. We place safety and quality at the centre of everything we do.

Our People

FJA takes the best people and gives them the best technology and support to deliver client expectations. With a continuous improvement culture, we look to do better every time.

Our Technology

Using electromagnetic induction and ground penetrating radar, FJA Locating pinpoints and accurately traces utilities for any project.